Monday, October 08, 2007

So, I was in the Ladies Room

(Isn't this how some of my best posts start?)

I walked into the ladies room and all three stalls on the left were occupied. I could hear the ladies from the law offices chatting back and forth. I could also see that the two right side stalls were open. As I was about to enter the first stall, I found a woman in there sitting fully clothed on the toilet seat--a seat that doesn't have a lid, mind you.
"Hello," I said, as I backed up and went to the one unoccupied stall.
One of the unseen women shouted to her friend, "Do you have the door open again?" To which the clothed squatter answered, "Yeah, but I pulled my pants up. Nothing's showing."

Oh. My. God. What is wrong with these women????? And there were three cell phones on the counter. Do you all take your cells to the bathroom? Because frankly, I'm in and out. I have no time to chat, nor do I have the inclination. That's just rude. (Unless I'm at home on the cordless phone in the middle of a marathon phone call with my sister or mom and have to pee really bad. But I don't flush until I hang up.)


Anne-Marie said...

A couple of times I have called my mum and the sound is all echo-ey so I have asked why, and she says shes on the loo... She gets up, grabs the phone and then goes back to the loo.. She was home alone...

I use skype so im not going to take the whole laptop in there with me as its not my laptop and I wouldnt hear the end of it.

You work with a bunch of crazies - but at least they are entertaining.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I have nothing witty to say. That just amazes me.

OOOH!! I know - we'll send whoever the new person (or the old person with the new diet) that's stinkin' up our BR to YOUR BR, and maybe they'll be less inclined to *HOLE* up in there. (Get it?! HOLE up?!?!)

Frank said...

ICK! You don't flush?!

I flush-n-run... That second it takes for the noise to start is enough to get out of there, usually... ;)

woolanthropy said...

Frank, if it's yellow let it mellow. We are having a water crisis and global warming. One less flush could be the scenario of our future.

I bet those are the same women that hung out in the girls bathroom sneaking cigarettes in high school. Personally I don't want to hang out in a public bathroom.