Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are Nachos an acceptable Easter Meal?

So, I have a miniature rock garden at work. Some call it a Zen Garden, but I've been told that that is incorrect. I inherited this particular garden from the previous Executive Assistant. I should have seen it as a sign. Anyway, the garden as it were consists of sand, three rocks, and a plastic Buddha that I added when I took over its care. I rake it, arrange the rocks and Buddha, and inevitably someone comes into my office to talk to me and ends up playing in the sand. I say nothing, but inside I'm shouting, "leave it alone. I just did that." Friday, I noticed a rock missing. Who stole the rock? If the cleaning folks accidentally knocked it off the window sill, there would be no sand left. I can only conclude that someone took the rock deliberately. But why? If these gardens are meant to calm the mind, is it counterproductive that I'm really irked about this?While I'm rambling, I want to give a round of applause to the road crew that paved Olympic Blvd seemingly overnight. And not just a patch of road, but a whole stretched from Union to at least Hoover. Good job!! I assume this means we won't be going to One Way anytime soon.

Part of my job includes ordering logo swag, like pens, rulers, mugs, etc. I receive a lot of samples from various companies, usually pens. Occasionally, though, I get something totally cool. Last week, I got a bean. A bean? Yes, a bean. It was branded with their company logo, and promised to keep that logo as the bean grew. It came with its own jar and grow medium. How cool is this?
I totally want to order these but I don't think everyone else will be as excited about growing a bean as I was. I am so proud of my bean.

Hope your Easter was swell. My Nachos Bell Grande dinner was as good as any traditional ham feast (or so I'm convincing myself).


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Love the bean. Would *totally* get into the bean.

Easter was spent preparing for the bris of the new love of my life, so, pastrami, egg salad and giant dill pickles for everyone!!!

Helena Handbasket said...

Who's the flipping bastard who stole the f###ing Zen rock, dammit?
Can you see how my tranquility has been thrown to the wind based on this senseless act of barbarism? I mean really, who is so needy that they have to steal somebody else's rock? Maybe that's why "Pet Rocks" were so popular when they came out -- the needy soul could stand there in the five & dime check out line clutching said pet and wiping his/her brow with relief upon realization that they no longer have to go schlepping surruptitiously through their office building hunting for SOMEBODY ELSE'S Zen rock to steal. People -- can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. I hope rock turns up safe and sound.