Monday, March 31, 2008

Something fishy about lunch

Criss wanted to go to the Korean restaurant down the street for lunch. The boys took her there once before and it was delicious. We ordered marinated beef and chicken. So, why did our plates come with this?
Now, I'm not necessarily a picky eater, but I draw the line on heads, especially those that look like they died screaming. Criss was super excited about her fish.Then, the strangest thing happened. My fish saw Criss's fish and fell in love. I don't think she felt the same about him. Like my last boyfriend, he's all mouth...and not in a good way.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Funny story - when I first met the Jman, he was waitering at an "authentic" italian restaurant in SD. My BFF and I went there for lunch so she could give/withhold her approval. I ordered the fish.

And that's when I realized that anorexia is not ALWAYS a bad thing...