Monday, March 31, 2008

Ms. Magoo

I need new glasses. "Glasses?" you say. Yeah, you know, the ones I never wear because I hate the frames. I've actually been wearing them a lot lately because, well, I can't see. It's funny how glasses help out in those situations. But I hate the frames because if I'm doing something on the computer and I have to look down I'm looking under the lenses unless I move my whole head and I end up feeling like a bobblehead. And, they mess with my peripheral vision.

This morning, I had a killer sinus headache and my face was swollen, so I was not feeling the love for the glasses. Then I mistook a picture of Mario (of Super Mario Bros. fame) as a picture of a child hugging a pig. I put the glasses on. It still doesn't look like Mario to me. Yep, I need new glasses.

What kind of frames should I get? Here's the old ones for your consideration. For the record, I HATE picking frames. I suck at it. I think doctor or his assistant suggested the ones I have.
Yes, I look stoned. It's the sinus medication kicking in. And my nose is enormous in this photo. Damn. And the bean behind my head looks like the Arrowhead commercial.


Ellen Bloom said...

I consider glasses a fashion accessory. Stay away from wire frames. They can be extremely aging! Pick something, green, purple frames?
Stop by Westside Optical on Fairfax, south of 3rd St. My friend, Jeff will help you pick out excellent frames. He's also VERRRRY reasonable when filling your eyeglass prescription.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

My advice is to listen to Ellen. She is the Queen of Eyewear.

Also, I don't think the frames you HATE are all that bad. You look cute.

Anonymous said...

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