Friday, March 28, 2008

Transcription is fun; or Things Laurie Ann does that will surely get her fired.

There's a big meeting tomorrow and I'm in hell. It's a hell of my own doing, though, so I really have no right to complain...but I will. See, I forgot to transcribe the minutes from a meeting which I did not attend but for which I have a recording of the proceedings. [zzzzz--I've lost you already?]

The boss told me "Oh, what about the Blahdity Blah Committee minutes?" about 45 minutes ago. (Crap) Sure, I'll include them too. (Crap) Just as soon as I actually listen to the recording and try to make sense of it. (Crap, Crap, Super Crap) And cover for the receptionist because the other person qualified to cover the position went to lunch late and can't do it. (#%&*$^ Crap)

BALLS!! I'm gonna need more coffee to deal with this.

On the plus side*, my hair apparently looks like I got laid, or so everyone has told me today, and my new company ID photo looks good.

*You're saying to yourself "that's a plus?" Sure. Keeps everyone guessing, since, you know, it's just me and the gnomes at home.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Like you got laid? So you got the "JFL" 'do for which certain supervisors of a certain "sports" bar were were fired for telling the "waitresses" at the "sports" bar that's how they needed to style their hair??!!! AND YOU'RE NOT SHARING?!?!!!

Besides - who knows what deviance lies in the hearts of you and the gnomes. . .