Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh, WikiHow you make me giggle

Does anyone really need these instructions?
How to Properly Dunk an Oreo Cookie

Have you ever tried dunking an Oreo, and found that your cookie always breaks? Don't worry, you're not alone. Here's the proper way.

Obtain a box of Oreo cookies from the local grocery store. Make sure they are the original cookies and not the new vanilla Oreos. While at the store, pick up a gallon or half gallon of milk. (2 L - 4 L) If you think you are going to spill much of the milk, go with the gallon (4 L), but if you are a neat and tidy eater, go with the half gallon (2 L).
Once you have safely arrived at home, place the Oreo cookies on the table. Grab a tall glass from the cupboard and fill the glass with milk to about a half an inch (12.7 mm) from the top. This is the optimal height for dunking the cookie.
After the milk has been poured, open the box of cookies. Pick one cookie up gently so as not to break or chip it. Raise the cookie until it is positioned approximately 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) from the rim of the glass.
Lower the cookie gently into the milk until about half the cookie is submerged. If you submerge the whole cookie at once, air will become trapped inside the cookie and will not allow the milk to soak in.
Be patient! Do not swirl the cookie around or move it around in the milk. You could risk breaking the cookie and losing it forever in the depths of your glass of milk. After exactly 6 seconds have elapsed, slowly remove the cookie from the milk.
Once the cookie has been removed from the milk, gingerly raise the cookie to your mouth, careful not to break the soggy cookie in half. Place the cookie on your tongue, chew, and enjoy!!

Make sure the Oreo cookies are fresh. Using a stale cookie will greatly affect the dunking mechanics and will taste terrible.
Give it time--If your cookie breaks on the first try, move on to the next one in the box. There are plenty to practice with.
Make sure each motion with the cookie is done gently as not to disturb the cream center or break the chocolate sandwich.
If you drop part(or all) of the Oreo in the glass of milk, use a spoon to scoop it out, this is fairly difficult since you can't see the cookie.
Some people like to lick the cream off first and dunk just the chocolate cookies in the milk.

Be patient when dunking or you risk breaking your cookie. A hasty dipper never prospers!
Brush your teeth soon after -- your teeth will have plenty of black cookie on them (particularly if you wear braces).

Things You'll Need
a tall glass


Anne-Marie said...

I wish Oreos were more common over here. I bought some wholesale once and ate all 8(i think) packs in about 3 days.

I have a vacation. I finish work today for 6 days off, and next Thursday we are heading to the coast for a few days. Yay!

woolanthropy said...

I don't like oreos. They leave an oily residue in the month. I believe it's the hydrogenated oils. I prefer Newman O's. No oily residue and fresher taste. I don't know how they hold up in milk. Not dunker or milk drinker. I love the precise directions for the dunking though! How many times have you conducted this experiment?