Sunday, March 16, 2008

Great Weekend and a bundle of Handsomeness

On Saturday, I got a much needed haircut and color, and splurged on a mani/pedi because it's Spring and these feet were a mess. The hair cost a lot more than I bargained for, but it had to be done. I was frightening small children. The nails, well, that wasn't in the budget at all.

Today, Sunday, I got a call from my nephew Niko (my sister's only son) saying he and his friends were brunching at the 101 Cafe and I should join them. Niko & company are in town on Spring Break from various higher learning facilities in Illinois. Joe has an aunt in Hollywood too (Aunt Louise--she's British) and the guys are staying with her. After brunch, I stole Niko for a bit and we met up with the others in Venice on the boardwalk. Louise had to attend a funeral, so I was left to entertain--or rather, be entertained by--the four boys, er, young men....oh, Niko, Joe, Pat and Steve. I was already familiar with Joe via his YouTube celebrity status and my sister's many tales of "Joe is so funny," and Pat, also via YouTube, but this was my first meeting with Steve. I kind of adore him. The four of them are handsome devils and kept me laughing all day. Here, see for yourself:

L to R: Niko, Joe, Steve and Pat
I wish I had taken as many photos as they did to document the antics but I'll have them in my mind--especially Steve and Pat hula hooping, climbing a tree at The Rose Cafe, Pat scaling a palm tree, and the many GQ poses I shot shortly after this one was taken (sadly, on another camera). We went to Third Street Promenade too, but there was nothing really happening except a monkey stealing money and a sad, scary clown. (again, I didn't photograph these)
I'll leave you with a gratuitous shot of me and the nephew again, because seriously, is he not the dreamiest? He's single, ladies, and very nearly drinking age.also, it was REALLY windy. My hair was a mess. And I may have fallen on the boardwalk and messed up my knee but the boys were kind and didn't laugh at me. (I would have)


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Verry, verry cute. If I wasn't in SD helpin' birthe a baby, I would have been disappointed I didn't get to hang out with you and those handsome young men. Rrrrow!! {{cougar growl}}

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Sachi said...

(Catching up on everyone's posty goodness...)

I *heart* the 101. *sigh* I miss their apple crisp goodies.