Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Go Penguins!

We interrupt this normally sports-free blog to say--How awesome is Marc-Andre Fleury? He's the goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins who blocked a billion (really a little over 50) attempts by the Detroit Red Wings last night in triple overtime play to take the series to game six instead of letting the Red Wings have the cup after five games. Woo Hoo! [That's Hockey for those of you who don't follow that sort of thing] I was reminded of this guy who used to work at Tower in Marina Del Rey (Sean somethingorother) who was from Pennsyltucky and a big, big Penguins fan, and Murphy who worked at Tower on Sunset who was a HUGE Red Wings fan. I was torn as to who to cheer for, but in the end, Pennsylvania pride won out over my affection for Murphy.

In other news, could someone please tell my sinuses that this isn't fun anymore? I'm really over the whole swelling, sore throat, jaw pain, blurred vision, and all the other crap that comes with sinus infection. And the freakin' June Gloom is not making it any better.


woolanthropy said...

Do you use a neti pot?
Get a neti pot. Get one at whole foods. Use it in the morning and before bed. It will really help with the sinuses. Also no dairy. And drink ginger tea. You need to get your agni up in your system to burn through the phlegm. It's important to stay really warm to. A little exercise will help...just some walking will do.

This is what Dr. Woolanthropy recommends. I tend toward sinus infections too.

Anne-Marie said...

I hope you dont have what Frank has...

Also, when me and Morven finally make it out to LA (in about 2020 no doubt) we want to go see ice hockey because there isnt that much hockey over here and we wanna see)

ladylinoleum said...

Dude, I'm with you...my sinuses are driving me batty!