Saturday, June 14, 2008

A good Saturday makes up for a crappy week

I got up early (for me) and went to the monthly Saturday Stitch 'n' Bitch at the Farmers' Market and cast on a new project. I can't get into it because it's a gift but I have to say, it's gonna be awesome. Since it was World Wide Knit In Public day, we were doing our part (but then we always do). The best (or worst) part was when an old man removed his shirt at a table in the corner to display his physique, saggy man boobs and all. Boy, howdy. Speaking of boobs, here's an artist's rendering of a lovely couple I saw perusing the food stalls who take the "I'm with Stupid" concept one step further.

Hey, the place between the Banana Leaf and Pinkberry finally opened. It's called Eple and from what I saw, they sell fruit and fruit sandwiches--fruit on white bread with whipped cream spread. um, okay.

I stopped at the AT&T store and got a new phone. Hooray!!! The old one kept turning off randomly and didn't hold a charge. This is what I got:yeah, I bought the skins for it because Titanium is so boring and my other choice was red, which is already owned by too many of a certain type of people.

Lastly, this just kind of burns me up a bit. This car (pictured below) belongs to the daughter of Latina Gladys Kravitz. She parks here all the time. She never gets a ticket. How does blatant disregard for the most basic of parking rules--don't park in front of a driveway-- get passed by while I got a ticket every freaking day when my registration was past due. Granted, the driveway is not used by any of the tenants, as Frau PITA likes to keep it open for her random visits, but still, it's a driveway and one is just NOT allowed to park in front of driveways, not even partially. She was parked here all night and most of the day with nary a citation. I smell a conspiracy.


Anne-Marie said...

Love the orange phone! We just got a glass outside table with 4 orange chairs and an orange umbrella. They were on massive sale - I guess not everyone likes orange. Yay us!

Uccellina said...

I almost got an "I love boobies" onesie for the babies, but my husband nixed it. It's much funnier on someone under 5.

woolanthropy said...

I love boobies onesie is funny!

she must have a driveway pass. I hear those are had to get. ;)