Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good excuses for taking the day off

Pain: My arms and shoulders are killing me after carrying a half dozen lawn chairs to the meeting yesterday. And lest you think me a total wuss, I'm not talking about this kind with the aluminum frame:I'm talking about this kind with a heavy metal frame: Criss carried the other six. I was also carrying my purse, my briefcase, a bag of deflated beach balls, and 15 42-page packets for the meeting. My arms really hurt.

Unfinished Projects: I have 10 days to finish the awesome project I started last week and it is just far too hot to knit. Guess what just became a Christmas present? Now I'm stuck for a birthday gift but I have some ideas for store bought items. I don't want to do store bought, but it looks like I shall.

Police activity right outside your door: I walked outside to check my brake fluid, a deciding factor on whether to take the car or the bus today, and found two police cars, lights flashing, in front of my house, one in front of my car. I almost ran back upstairs to hide until I saw my neighbor's male friend (I don't know if he's her boyfriend) in cuffs at the bottom of her stairs. She was on the porch talking to an officer who was telling her, "you did the right thing." I'm so curious. [brake fluid was fine...took the car]

Cramps: 'nuff said.

Heat: My GOD! If it weren't so freakin' hot inside my apartment I might have been tempted to call in sick. As it is, it's cooler outside than in.

I did go to work only to have a couple of geniuses decide it was a good idea to drill next to an outlet because it's not as if there are ELECTRICAL WIRES behind an outlet or anything. They killed the power to the HR office, the CEO's office, and my office. You never realize how dependent on computers we have become until you can't check your outlook calendar or your contacts or the database. Yowza! And it's not going to be fixed until maybe tomorrow provided they find the super secret breaker panel that connects to those three offices and only those three. Woo Hoo!

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woolanthropy said...

No power woohoo!
Hope the A/C is still working.