Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Too hot and tired

I had a meeting today at a fancy club downtown. This is the view from the ladies room--yes, the ladies room.
The photo was actually taken while sitting on the toilet because I'm klassy with a K. I kept expecting the police helicopters to fly by and wave. Isn't it lovely? I mean, if it weren't so smoggy? The bathroom was ultra luxurious. I didn't want to leave.

The meeting was, well, you know, a meeting. Afterward, I was cranky and stressed, so Terry gave me a cup of tea that she got from some little shop that probably sold Mogwai in Chinatown in San Francisco. It was leaf tea and she tucked it into this cute little teabag for me. It was called Vanilla Orchid. Well, I don't know what was in it besides tea leaves but after sipping for 30 minutes I was mellow as all get out. It wasn't until I told one of my least favorite co-workers, "Don't you look cute today," that I suspected I had been drugged. Terry swears there's nothing in there but I'm not buying it. I wanted to make a pitcher of Iced Tea for the boss. hmmm, maybe tomorrow.


woolanthropy said...

the ancient chinese secret known as vanilla orchid with the powers of niceness. powerful stuff. don't let the secret out or everyone will be nice.

woolanthropy said...

I am not sure what to think about the public bathroom in the sky.