Sunday, June 22, 2008

Naturally sweet, just like me

Yesterday while consuming a pint of Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler ice cream, I told my friend Criss "I'm never going to be able to cut sugar from my diet if I keep going out and buying more." She gave me the proper admonition ("Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!) and I decided that the best way to avoid the processed sugar trap is to have a better alternative.
With this in mind, I bounded out of bed this morning with renewed motivation and headed over to the Hollywood Farmers' Market at Ivar and Selma. I loaded up on fruit-- Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cantaloupe, and tomatoes--then came home and immediately washed and cut all my fruits into portions that I can take to work all week. Unfortunately, with so much deliciousness, I may have eaten a whole lot of my week's supply today. Doesn't this look irresistible?
And these? I just can't wait to slice them and eat them. I should probably make a salsa too, but that would require onions and stuff which I didn't buy because it was too hot to mill about. I bought bread, too, from the tattooed guys from Rancho Cucamonga because it's too good to pass up--sourdough and cranberry walnut. mmmm

Next week, if it's not too damn hot, I'll actually take my time and see what kind of veggies I can stock up on. Veggies take shopping skills, you know, and possibly a meal plan, because the impulse buy of "Hey I haven't had brussels sprouts in years" will just lead to brussels sprouts rotting in my fridge. Then again, I saw beans and I can eat them raw as snacks.


Anne-Marie said...

I concur. Fruit is lovely but does it not cost the earth over there?
For me its cheaper to buy chocolate which is a bitch because I always feel crap for eating it

woolanthropy said...

I love summer fruit. It definitely makes it easier to not eat white sugar. Another good substitute for sugar is trail mix. They have a great one at the Ivar farmer's market with raw almond & walnuts, and what seems to be a 5 or 6 types of raisins. You get a little sweetness and some protein. The perfect snack. I didn't eat sugar for 6 weeks and now I only have it once a week for a little white sugar indulgence.

sappmama said...

Hey, at this rate you'll be safe for a massage in no time!