Saturday, June 14, 2008

Never been so happy to see a week end

This has seriously been a hellacious week, but today, well, today was pretty awful. I woke up with a migraine, which is never fun. I closed my eyes and slept a little longer, then ventured off to work.

I had to stop to get gas at the Mobil station just off the 101. For being so close to the freeway, it's surprisingly cheaper there. Much as I laud fine German engineering, the gas tank on the passenger side makes it awkward to queue up when everyone else's tank is on the driver side. I waited at the one pump that serves diesel because it's off to the side and easier to maneuver the "wrong" sided gas tank only to have some douche on his cell phone totally steal my place in line then shrug as if that made it okay. So, I called him names not mentionable in polite society and drove to the 76 on Hollywood Blvd, where gas is exactly 10 cents more per gallon. At least they have the window washing stuff so I can see out my back window again.

I got to the building where I work to find a delivery truck completely blocking the East entrance to the parking garage, so I had to drive around the block to the West side, which I hate because I always end up waiting for someone trying to figure out how to take a ticket, and it's a steep hill, and I drive a stick. Already frustrated, still suffering the migraine, and late for work, I cut the last corner to P4 a little too closely and hit the support beam with the side of my car, which actually shifted the car a little to the left. It sounded and felt much worse than it was.
I really just refreshed the damage done when I sideswiped that bus two years ago, but she drove kind of loose on the way home so I may have done something to the wheel alignment.

The day--oh, what a day--was just frustrating and I actually cried that frustrated release cry at my desk. Unfortunately someone saw me crying and told the boss, who assumed I was crying because she was mad at me. I wasn't. I can handle that. It was just necessary, like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.

But hey, all was not lost this week. I inherited a fish from co-worker Sarah who will be attending law school after a brief vacation in Australia. His name is Blue, but I think I'll be changing it because, really? Blue? He deserves better. Any suggestions?
I also inherited this ugly ceramic turtle, which just happens to be Blue's best friend.
I would love to get rid of the turtle because it's just creepy, but Blue loves him so. Look how he hangs out on that side of the tank all the time. The turtle needs a name, too.

The two branches of the bean had it out overnight and when I came in, there were entwined in a choke hold. I unraveled them and pinned them on opposite sides of the picture frame, but not before the right branch ended up with a shriveled tip (dirty). But look...a third branch is forming. Whatever will become of this one?
Stay tuned...


Funky Muffins said...

That sucks way hard. My gas goes in on the passenger side too, and it's a royal pain in the ass to find a spot to wait in line.

Anne-Marie said...

Crapola, will it polish out? Jamie just isn't going to leave you without a fight!

Our gas fills up on the passenger side, which is the driver side to you because you drive on the wrong side of the car :)

I think the fish should be called Mavis, and you should knit a turtle cosy (ie. hat) to deal with that other little problem.

I hope your weekend is fabulous and makes up for the shittyness.

woolanthropy said...

Bummer city on the car.

I think the fish should be Bluebeard and be a mighty pirate fish with his turtle named Frigate or Schooner, or Poop Deck (P.D. in polite society). Laso I turtle cozy & hat would really improve Poop Deck's look. He's need some turtle couture. Something with a skull and cross bones.