Thursday, April 06, 2006

Achtung Jackass

I so wanted to take today off. I've earned a good day off, damn it. But no, the boss wields his control from 277 miles away (according to Google maps). A conference call, a last minute project, his boss in town...dang, I can't get a break. I definitely feel a cough coming on for tomorrow, least for half the day.

So, what makes people think they can get out of putting money in a parking meter simply by covering it with a plastic bag? I have witnessed this brazen move three times this week and I'm astounded by the audacity of such an individual. All three occurences have been in broad daylight, on a busy street, with many a witness, and the bags used your common variety shopping sort. Don't they know that if the meter were actually broken the parking enforcement team uses cloth sacks tied over the meter? Or, in some instances, paper bags with City of LA seal? Do they honestly think the Rita (meter maid) is going to see their Walmart bag and think "Oh, I guess that one's not working". Hells, no, she won't. Today's jerk was a multiple violator: three feet from the curb, more than six inches into the red zone, and the sneaky bag trick. Where were the parking enforcers today? Not in WeHo, that's for sure. The bag even blew off and still no meter maid. Of course, had I tried a stunt like that, I'd be staring at a $40 ticket right now.

Not to be defeated by a 3 1/2 inch piece of technology, I revisited the cute cordless mouse and guess what? It works this time! It's a little persnickety, but I'll work the kinks out. I am too stubborn to admit that this was a rash purchase. It WILL work! (although, truth be told, the smallness that made it so darn cute is kind of awkward to work with and making my hand hurt a little)

It's Thursday. I need a nap if I'm going to knit and visit my friendly, neighborhood projectionist.

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