Friday, April 14, 2006

Rants, Ramblings, Pet Peeves and General Malaise

I'm in pain. Lots and lots of pain. It's either a knitting injury, or I pulled a muscle trying to straighten my hair the other day. Whatever the cause, the pain is bad. I can't lift my arm, extend my elbow, or grip a pen without a twinge. Fortunately, I have a pretty high pain threshold, but it's annoying to reach for a paper on my desk and...ow, ow, ow, ow! It doesn't help that I have a 9 million page report to type (I may exaggerate). Please don't let this be carpel tunnel. There goes my violin career.
Yesterday, I popped some Motrin, but found no relief. Today, I thought I'd try Aleve because it's supposed to be good for old folks like me and our arthritis pain, and because Sachi recommended it to someone else yesterday and she seems in the know. I still have the pain, and now I feel a little pukey. Of course, that could be the empanada I had for breakfast. I'm going to pop some more pills after lunch. I hate to get too dopey, though, what with my mad driving skills and all. I think I need something stronger--like Dilaudid.

Of course, it's raining too.

I'm a little late to be jumping on the band wagon, but I said I'd further the boycott and I will. Which boycott? The Tom Cruise Boycott. NO Mission Impossible for me (although don't hate me for keeping the first one in my collection. Jean Reno is in that one and I loves me some Reno). I'm supporting Katie's right to scream the way nature intended her to during childbirth, her right to an epidural if she so chooses, a right to hold her child afterward, and to breast feed if she feels inclined. Yo L.Ron--No Uterus, No Opinion. [his "barley formula" included honey...for a newborn??] He also advocated that the mother not speak in the presence of her child for at least a week. The dude had issues. Follow whatever path to spiritual enlightenment that you choose, but leave the birthing to the women. We know what we're doing...been doing it without an input from men for years. (other than the input that got her pregnant in the first place)
Of course, let's not leave Katie Holmes out of this crazyfest. She's free and over 21, and made her decision with presumably open eyes. Idiot.
Say, does anyone else remember Kelly Preston saying, when her engagement to John Travolta was announced, that she'd had a crush on him since Saturday Night Fever and always knew she'd marry him. Well, Katie said the same thing about Tom Cruise and having a crush on him since Top Gun. Hmm...Scientology Dating Game?

My boss has some serious TMJ. He's eating M&Ms that my sister sent (Thanks Kate) and I can hear his jaw clicking from across the room. Ouch.

Speaking of the boss, this is my pet peeve of the day. He uses the glass plate of the copier as a writing surface (even though he has a perfectly servicable desk) and then DOESN'T CLOSE THE LID. Ohhhhh, that just ticks me off. Not as much as when he leaves my office door wide open so that everyone can watch me (I don't like to be watched), but close.

I still feel pukey and I still have 4 million pages to type. I'd better get on that.


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