Friday, April 07, 2006

Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed

I came home from SnB last night around 10:45, got out of the car, glanced at my house* and froze right there on the sidewalk. My bedroom light was on!!! Now, I live alone, and the only other person who has my apartment key is in Pennsylvania right now. I most certainly did not leave the light on from that morning because I never turn my bedroom light on in the morning. My bedroom windows are large and eastward facing filling the room with sunlight, making artificial light unnecessary. See how bright my room is in the morning (photo at right)!
Also, my front porch light was off. Having just replaced the front porch light that morning, I know that I turned it on before I left. Curiouser and curiouser.

I paced back and forth in front of the house debating whether or not to enter the premises alone or to go across the street and ask a kindly police officer to accompany me. The certain humilation of dragging a cop into my probably empty apartment decided for me, but I was not going in unarmed. I grabbed a stick that I found in the yard. Yes, a stick. Desperate times, ya know. I unlocked the door and found a better weapon(see photo) at the bottom of the stairs*, so the stick was history. Cautiously, I crept up the stairs, weapon at the ready, eyes darting to every corner searching for movement. Nothing. Phew! However, the light was still on and a decorative throw pillow was in a different place on my bed. Someone had been in my bedroom, and since Frau Fix-it-herself claims to have lost my key, I can only assume it was the gnomes.

* My apartment is the upstairs of a duplex house. My front door opens onto a staircase.
and yes, that's a file. My front door lock was off, so I filed out the plate on the door jamb and left it at the bottom of the stairs--two years ago. I'm a lousy housekeeper.


Attila The Mom said...


miss kendra said...

it was the ghost of snb past.

don't forget feedback on ebay!

Sachi said...

OMG, scary! Don't beel bad about getting the cop. They're thankful to help rather than have something happen. (I'll have to tell you my suspicious package story some day.)