Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's a beautiful day...leave me alone.

The day I fought long and hard (well, not that hard) to delay has come at last. The boss is adding another 1000-CD monster rack to my office decor. It's not enough that he has six racks in HIS office, holding approximately 3,700 CDS, plus one 1000-CD monster rack already encroaching into my territory. That's nearly 5,000 CDs, folks. Many of which are repeats (they reissued, remastered, and added extra tracks, so he kept both versions), and many of which are NOT EVEN OPENED!!! For months now, he's been saying in his annoying-but-he-thinks-it's-cute voice "Well, looks like I'm gonna have to move another rack in here". To which I replied, while shooting him the go-to-hell look, "Looks like you're gonna have to thin the herd and get rid of all the repeats and CDs you're never going to listen to, like Stereophonics or The Transplants."

I've lost the battle. The rack is being built as I type. I will not, however, lose the battle of where in my office it will reside. I am putting my foot down. (thud)

I saw the saddest thing. There's a clown outside Aah's hawking the new XBox. The clown part isn't sad. The fact that the clown is about 70+ years old and has a leathery "I've been working the fields my whole life without the benefit of sunscreen" skin is very sad. He's probably the owner's father. I didn't have the heart to take his picture, but here's my best artist's rendering (hardly equal to Miss Kendra's talent, but I try).


miss kendra said...

is that wig? or his for real hair? because THAT would be AWESOME.

Laurie Ann said...

It's a wig. That WOULD be funny if they made Dad dye his hair like that.