Monday, April 03, 2006


In honor of Dodgers Opening Day, this post will be blue, but not sad. The boss is off enjoying his hot dogs and beer, while I'm left here to slave away...oh, who am I kidding. Like I want to sit on rainsoaked seats in the chilly air when I could be here, boss free. Go Dodgers!

Say, why do they call it the Stealth bomber if it makes soooo much noise?

I go back to school today after a week off--a week in which I was going to clean my apartment, rearrange the bottom cupboards, get those CDs organized and give the excess to Daren for distribution elsewhere, rearrange my bedroom so that the head of my bed is not sharing the same wall as my neighbor, empty out both closets and repack them, while simultaneously purging all the useless crap I've stored over the last 11 years, catch up on my homework from last quarter, and finish Kelli's and Audra's Christmas presents. I failed miserably. Nothing got done. Well, things got done, but nothing from this list. Although, Kelli's scarf is now 3/4 done, and should be done by next winter.

I took the shut in to the nail salon Sunday, and knitted while she got a fill and pedicure. I noticed a girl sitting behind Tami with a blue face. Blue! It was a mask of some sort, like the Biore self-heating cleansing mask, not a Halloween mask. She was getting a fill, so I assumed she was getting the whole spa treatment, facial, wax, mani/pedi, etc. That is until an hour later when she was in a pedicure chair and still blue. I'm not dermatologist, but I'm thinking a mask left on too long is not going to be very beneficial. As we were leaving, she was at the drying table still wearing the blue face. Did they forget about her? Did she leave the house that way? Did she get a bad chemical peel and this is some medicated lotion she has to wear? Citizens for a Non-bluefaced Community want to know.

My head hurts but there is much to be done. Damn the sinuses and full speed ahead.

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