Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Again with the rain and the puddles and the blahs

My friend Russell left his keys in his front door (or so he thought--they weren't there) so I ran him back home in the pouring rain. Wilcox was so flooded that all the cars in both directions were hugging the yellow line. It was pretty hairy. The driving to work, back to my neighborhood, and back to work has left me less than enthusiatic about actual work. Not that I'm particularly enthusiastic on a regular basis, but today...not gonna happen.

There are queens in the Classical store (right outside my office door) being particularly queeny, the boss is particularly bossy, there are too many people in this world named Bill, and I'm hungry. (Oh My God--get a cup of coffee and take your queen chat elsewhere, for crying out loud) I must take my lunch now, and possibly work on this unrealistic project which the boss has dropped on my desk. Dang!

Today's blog entry is brought to you by the Word "particularly", by the number 0 (as in the amount of work done) and by the letters P and U (Stinky McGappyshorts was just here).

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miss kendra said...

i feel the same way, but with less queens probably.