Monday, April 17, 2006

More Product Testing--I do this to save you time and money.

Have you seen the Maxiglide infomercial? It's an amazing commercial. The Maxiglide is a hair straightening iron like no other. It features these tiny pins that comb through your hair as it straightens, and has a steam feature that adds moisture and shine to your hair. There's also this magic serum that you pre-treat your hair with to keep it from frizzing up, no matter what the weather. They show a gal with a big ol' mass of kinky hair and with one swoop--Ta Da--her hair is silky smooth. Needless to say, I was sucked in immediately and told my friend Tina about it. Tina is getting married in June (Yippee for Tina) and wants to wear her hair straight without paying salon prices. Maxiglide to the rescue!!

Here is Tina in her naturally beautiful state(right). Isn't she pretty? In order to test the Maxiglide properly, she had to wash her hair and treat it with a combination of magic conditioner and magic serum, then blow it dry.

Here is Tina after blowing it dry. YIKES!!! Er, I mean, isn't she pretty?

Starting with the underneath hairs and pinning the rest on top, I began. It worked pretty much as it showed in the commercial, except the pins did not comb through the ends of Tina's hair without some coaxing, and by coaxing I mean ripping. It was difficult getting close to the scalp because I didn't want to burn her. I finally managed to get those little baby hairs that most of us have at the nape of our necks, but it was tricky and I did burn Tina at one point, losing her trust forever.
So, on and on I go...section by section...piece by piece. I eventually mastered the skill of getting close enough to the scalp so as not to leave Tina with poofy head, but it took several passes with the iron to get it truly straight and sleek, not one, as seen on TV.

Two hours later--Yes, that's right, TWO hours later--Tina looked like this. Yep, still pretty, and practically demure (so not Tina).
So, the conclusion to our testing? Yes, the Maxiglide works, although not nearly as spectacularly as in the commercial. And it took two full hours for me to do it, I can't imagine how much longer it would take to do it yourself. First of all, it would be incredibly awkward because of the recommended two-hand operation. Second, your arms would be seriously fatigued by the midway point. Also, while perfectly straight, it wasn't nearly as silky and Beyonce-ish as the gals in the commercial. Plus, when we tried to use a curling iron on the ends, the curl just would not hold. Methinks the magic serum left it too conditioned to curl.

All in all, it would be faster and easier to go to the salon and pay, not to mention the results would be better. Tina will be getting a refund thanks to the generous 30-day money back guarantee.

And this has nothing to do with the Maxiglide, but if you're in the market for a new vacuum as I was, may I recommend the Eureka Altima? It sucked up the 30 pounds of hair and dust on my fire engine red carpet, leaving it bright and clean, and presentable to company. Plus, the filter is totally (and easily) washable, the dirt cup didn't need to be emptied very often, and it comes with a telescopic duster that you can clean with the push of a button. So cool. Only $80 at Target.


miss kendra said...

i AM in the market for a new vacuum!

how brilliant!

theotherbear said...

I have one of those hair straighteners and it takes 7 years to get my hair straight. I tired training my husband to do it for me and he sucked at it. Anyway...Tina's hair looked best in the original picture.