Monday, April 10, 2006

I couldn't possibly take another bite...

I had the most disturbing dreams about being buried alive in the same coffin as a recently dead person, and eating that person. And I wasn't alone. It was a common occurrence. Then, when I tried to go back to sleep I kept seeing that mask from "Saw", and I've never even seen that movie. Eww. I was all kinds of creeped out and wide awake at 4:30 because of this.

Anyone want to analyze my obviously messed up head?

Dang! I went on Ebay to leave feedback and got sucked in.

"...and she was never heard from again."


Sachi said...

Jesus! Maybe you think your mystery invader has come to turn you into a zombie. Time to get a pet to snuggle with you. That helps sometimes.

miss kendra said...

those sound like nasty dreams.

i'm sorry i caused you to be consumed by ebay.

Laurie Ann said...

Yes, a pet would be welcome to scary dreams. I'm a wuss about scary things.

As for ebay, I found the most adorable knitting needles with sheep on the ends. My initials being LAM, I couldn't resist a bid.