Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gratuitous Baby Photos

One night, a few months ago, I lay awake and became suddenly aware that my legs were crossed at the ankles, right over left. I thought this was an odd way to fall asleep, so I uncrossed them. It wasn't comfortable. I tried crossing them the other way (left over right). It wasn't comfortable. Soon, and without any conscious effort, they were back to the ol' right over left cross. I didn't give it another thought, other than a passing, "how strange that I keep doing it that way."

Then, while sorting through old photos looking for a specific picture, I stumbled across this one.

I'll wait while you ooo and ahh over my phenominal cuteness. There it is. Photographic evidence that the whole leg crossing thing is deeply ingrained in my psyche and 40 years later, I am powerless to change it. Also note, this is the last time I looked good in a belly shirt.

And, because it's adorable also, I give you this photo three years later. That's me on the swing, proving that I have never liked to wear socks with my sneakers. That's Katie next to me. She'll probably kill me for this. (Love you to pieces, my darling sister)

Um, apparently the gardener was off that week. (Seriously, Dad. Where was the lawnmower?)

special thanks to Andy Pesantes for scanning these, as my scanner is on strike.

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