Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On The Hamster Wheel of Life

I'm so sick and tired of finally getting caught up with work only to have some corporate douche who's trying to justify his paycheck drop some unrealistic and, frankly, useless project on the AAs (because everyone knows all I do all day is eat Bon Bons and file my nails--oh, and blog). I have two major projects that are due next Monday. Both of these projects require input from others, so I'll be playing Mother Duck trying to round up all the answers I need. And it's not like I can let my own work go while I do this. So, now I'm thoroughly pissed off.

And it's not just work, it's my life too. Pay down a credit card, get desperate and charge it up again, etc, etc. Accomplish something, start back at the bottom of the next level and so on and so on...

Come to think of it, it's not so much a hamster wheel as it is one of those big roundabouts in cities. You know, like European Vacation "Look kids, Big Ben...Parliament". I just keep driving around and around looking for an opening in the right lane until--whoosh--I get to merge right, only to drive around and around in that lane looking for another opening, and another, in my ultimate goal to get to an avenue that will lead me somewhere exciting. Only, traffic is really bad lately and there doesn't seem to be an opening in sight.

Heavy sigh.


miss kendra said...

i, apparently, am in this car with you.

Laurie Ann said...

Well, I sideswiped a bus yesterday, so you maybe don't want to drive with me.