Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hump Day (I knew a man called Hump)

My usual drive to work includes a drive down an alley and a quick almost U-turn into our parking lot. This morning, some chick had her car, which was apparently not running, stopped right next to the alley entrance on the south side, and the tow truck that came to help her parked right next to the alley entrance on the north side. Both the car and the tow truck were in the right lane blocking that flow of traffic. There was barely enough room to fit a mid-sized car between them. Neither driver nor tow truck operator acknowledged that there were other cars
in the vicinity. I finally opened my window and said to the driver of the car in my friendliest, haven't-had-coffee-yet voice, "Could you at least let me know if it's clear to pull out?" She looked at me like I had spoken Sanskrit. I then said something not so friendly as I threw caution to the wind and pulled out, then had to drive up the street, do a K-turn and pull into the driveway. I would provide illustration, but Blogger is not cooperating.
And what, you may be wondering, was the affliction to her car? She ran out of gas. On a hill. Ran out of gas!!! Lady, your gas guage had better be broken.
On to my next rant--Let me just confess right up front: I'm a sucker for bad TV and Dave Navarro. Yes, he thinks way too highly of himself, but dang, he's hot and he helped me with a music quiz, even though he didn't know who did "Time of the Season." So naturally I tuned into "Rockstar: Supernova" last night. While there's so much to rant about, I'm going to focus on just one--Jill Gioia. She came out to do a Courtney Love song, dressed in a ragged white dress, holding dead roses, her blonde hair messy, f-ed up eyeliner and when Dave called her on it saying "you may want to try to give it your own interpretation" she claimed to not know who Courtney Love is, and that this WAS her own thing. How do you not know who Courtney love is? Even if you're not familiar with her music, you have at least seen her on Court TV, or the Grammys, or any other freakin' medium because Courtney Love is freakin' everywhere. And this Jill chick is from NY, NY. PUH-LEAZE! At least Dave, at his bitchy best, said, "Well, if you look at the cover of the album that song is on, she's wearing the same dress and carrying flowers. I'm just saying." Love you Dave. Hate almost all of the contestants this year though. Seriously, Storm Large? What the hell kind of name is that? Although, that's what I said about JD Fortune, so who am I to say.

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miss kendra said...

i think everyone on this season was picked for their looks.

except lukas, who has a weird head.

i'm positive there are far more talented people out there who didn't make the cut because they don't look quite so hungry/plastic/good in a catsuit.

what was with the cat suit anyway?