Friday, July 21, 2006

No Stitch, but a whole lot of Bitch

I tried, Ladies. I really tried. I drove around both parking lots at the Farmer's Market for 40 minutes looking for a spot and trying to avoid running over the idiots who feel it is perfectly acceptable to just walk in front of a car. Meet me at Third and Fairfax, indeed. What was the attraction last night? Did everyone hear about Ellen's birthday and rush over to join the celebration? I mean, Crimony! Snakes on a Plane, even! (that's for you, Laurie) I left feeling very sad because I miss you gals and really want to hear about Kendra's new job.

Sometimes, my friend Tami is too funny. She's a self-proclaimed bitch, but her delivery is so deadpan that I laugh myself silly. Here's our conversation at a pizza place while surrounded by construction workers who have been laboring in the hot sun all day:

Me: Yeah, so Mark, you know, the guy with all the answers
Tami: You mean the guy with no answers.
Me: Yeah, I was being sarcastic.
Tami: Sorry, I couldn't smell it over all the body odor.

Maybe it's me. She said this so offhanded, without even cracking a smile, that I couldn't finish my thought. I just laughed.

Bossman is back today. Rats!


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Actually, that's funny as heyall. :) I love the deadpan non sequitors. I aspire to be like that. Unfortunately, my replies usually come to me about 3 hours after the fact.

miss kendra said...

we missed you! i couldn't find parking either. i parked far away and walked.