Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I guess I'm choosy

I was raised on Skippy peanut Butter. It's the only kind my mom bought. She would scoff at those "Choosy Mom's choose JIF" commercials. Once my Aunt Wicki (I think it was Aunt Wicki--it may have been Aunt Janet) gave us a Salton Peanut Butter machine and we made all-natural peanut butter like gangbusters. Oh, it was soooooo good, but you could only make about 2 ounces at a time. For a family with five growing kids, that was not going to cut it. Also, I think my parents got tired of having to buy pounds of raw peanuts only to net a tiny jar of butter. Plus, the clean up was a mess because peanut butter is gooey, people.

Anywho, it never occurred to me to buy any other brand of peanut butter when I got out on my own. Skippy was good enough for Joanie; it was good enough for me. Then, I moved in with Tami, who ONLY eats JIF. She won't even try another brand. That was fine with me. I'm not picky--or am I?

This week, Target has JIF on sale 3/$5. I'm po' folk so I've been eating a whole lot of PBJ (well, not so much on the J, since I ran out on Sunday). Target is a haven for cheap groceries. Normally, JIF is only $1.82 a jar. Bread is only $1.29 a loaf. For a little over $3, you have food for a week. And that's just the beginning, my friends...but I digress. Where was I? Oh, yeah, JIF on sale. Naturally, by Saturday at 4:00 they were sold out (even though the circular didn't arrive until Sunday). The only peanut butter left in the store was Skippy, and only three jars of that were left. I was desperate and didn't want to drive to the next nearest Target (NoHo), so I bought two jars of Skippy. I should have taken the drive.

Having eaten JIF for 11 years now, I have to say, choosy moms are right. Skippy does not have the consistency of JIF nor the great Peanuty taste. Skippy tastes like that "Better Than Peanut Butter" fake crap that they tried to sell us on at my Weight Watchers meetings. Now, I'm stuck with two jars of Skippy to choke down before I can buy more JIF.

Live and learn.


miss kendra said...

i suppose i could buy a container of jif and we could trade.

Boy only eats skippy.

Anonymous said...

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