Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some people should be beaten

Today the staff of our Las Vegas location found a zippered black duffel bag outside in front of the building. Inside this bag? A beautiful Siamese cat. It's 104 in Vegas today. What kind of jackwad left this lovely cat to die? That person should be zippered in a black bag and left in the heat for an hour or so to see if they like it. Then beaten like a old rug.

They saved her and named her (of all things)
Ray Parker, Jr.
Fortunately for RPJ, she's among animal lovers.

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theotherbear said...

That is horrible! So glad your guys found her.

When we got a cat we 'rescued' her from the cat protection society. It had been found as a small kitten, in a jam jar in the garbage bin. Lid on the jar. There were several kittens there from the same litter but they did not all survive. (I think that's probably why our cat is a 'special needs' cat)