Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm cranky and ranting.

Last night I was watching TV waiting for the late night Oprah to watch chapter three of the Debt Diet series (I need it) when a thought struck me and I made a mental note to rant about it today on my blog. Unfortunately, I mentally misplaced the note and all I can remember was that it had something to do with the glut of stupid commercials on TV these days.
Maybe it's selective memory, but it seems to me that commercials were more creative and catchy back in my youth. There were jingles--catchy, tuneful, effective jingles. Today the lazy ad execs just plug in the latest pop/rock song. Mainly, I have a problem with the Cash Call commercial. Where's Gary Coleman? His "sushi chefs and football refs" gig was at least palatable. Non-actor guy saying "Need cash?" every, yes EVERY, commercial break is really starting to piss me off. Yes, dork, I DO need cash, but I'm not going to get it from you losers so quit asking me. Oh, and the Pepto-Bismol commercial--do we really need to see that guy grab his ass because he has diarrhea? Enough!!
But now I have a new rant--Pansy ass bitches who can't do what they're supposed to do. Russell, my partner in crime, is supposed to be in Santa Monica today doing inventory. He's not there. Why? Because he can't get a ride. I've been telling him for a week to get the bus, save the pass and we'd do a paid out for his $3. He just told me he'd rather quit than ride the bus to Santa Monica. Yes, I have a car now, but I didn't for 11 years in this city, and I rode the bus to Santa Monica to do their stinking inventory every time. Also, to Glendale to do their inventory. Also to Pasadena. Sure it sucks. Sure it's not the most convenient mode of transportation. However, it's a mode of transportation and relatively cheap consider you can't buy a gallon of gas for bus fare these days and the bus stops right in front--literally IN FRONT--of the Santa Monica store. Oh, and Howard, who's also supposed to be there is "working on a festival" that is going on this weekend. IT'S TUESDAY!! You've been working on that festival since last week. What the hell could you possibly be doing? Rome was built in less time than you've been spending on this freakin' festival.
Bossman comes back tomorrow. I'd better stop ranting and get something done.

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