Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I suspect a plot

Remember way back when I may have sideswiped a bus? Well, I believe they are out to get me. I think the busriders' union is behind it. Or perhaps the MTA itself. They resent losing my $3 a day bus fare. They hate my smug glances as I drive by. They won't stop until I'm squashed beneath the wheels of a brightly festooned bus on a major thoroughfare.

I was minding my own business, driving down Melrose, when a bus, the #11, stopped in front of me (at a stop). I went around and got in front of it at corner of Vermont and Melrose. I made a right on red and was blissfully singing along to the CD ("I'm walking on Sunshine...Whooooaa") and it DID feel good until--HELLO--out of nowhere the #11 bus was right on my front bumper!!! Holy Fender Bender, Batman. I stopped just in time and the behemoth cut into my lane, no doubt laughing maniacally and saying "ha ha, Green Jetta. We meet again." Dang! And, of course, he took his sweet ol' time turning on the green arrow leaving me to fend for myself and try to make a left onto Beverly at rush hour. JERK!!


Uccellina said...

While I appreciate the importance of public transit, I agree that buses are evil behemoths. I like to attribute dinosaur alter-egos to various vehicles, and buses have always seemed brontosaurus-like to me. Big, dumb, and completely ignorant of what they're stepping on.

Anonymous said...

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