Monday, July 03, 2006

A letter to Macaroni Grill and restaurants of their ilk

Dear Macaroni Grill,
Love you. Love your food. Love you and your food. However, if I may be so bold as to offer one suggestion it would be this...lose the paper table covering. Paper tablecloths are for kids birthday parties and outdoor picnics. That's it. The paper was rough and gave us all paper cuts on our arms and legs (it's shorts season, people).
Also, putting crayons on a table with paper covering and no children present is only inviting this sort of imagery.

And having the server write her name on the paper? Well, invest in name tags and save your server's dignity. Poor Marie. She meant us no harm. She was prompt with the extra bread, the food, and didn't get all pissy when someone changed his drink order three times. She certainly didn't deserve to have this next to her name.

Please reserve the paper for your next barbeque and avoid such tomfoolery in the future.
Thank You,
A recent patron

ps. Naturally, I did nothing to try to stop such tomfoolery because that's just some funny stuff and the aforementioned someone is quite the artist. Besides, paper and crayons? You're just begging for it.

Poor photo quality due to camera phone. Thanks to C & J for dinner, and to A for making me laugh.

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miss kendra said...

marie definately likes it in the butt.

trust me.