Monday, July 17, 2006

Man, it's hot. Let me clean and knit something.

No, I still don't have any air conditioning, but I gave up trying to stay cool and decided to sweat myself silly by cleaning my kitchen and knitting. Oh, and driving to West Hills, because that's what you do when it's hot--drive to a hotter place. Actually, I went to my friend's movie theater (no, she doesn't own it, she manages it) to see Pirates of The Caribbean. Ah, nothing like a cold, dark theater and a nearly three-hour movie to cool you off. Could the crew of the Flying Dutchman have been any more disgusting?

So, I knitted this cute little bib from the One Skein book and mastered (sort of) short rows and almost mastered hiding wraps. Okay, that's all kinds of knitting jargon that the rest of you will be bored with, but trust me, it's quite the acomplishment.

I whipped this up while watching Kingdom of Heaven (3 1/2 hour Director's Cut, because Orlando is just adorable) and truth be told it took about five hours. Still not bad, considering I had to read the directions about a hundred times before the hiding part made sense.

Also, pretty darn good considering I started this project (right) last week while watching Season two of Deadwood. I crocheted the whole thing except for 1/2 of the outer border. It couldn't be easier, and yet, I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to finish it. It's a placemat (part of a set I will eventually complete for my Mommy). I finally put the last 20 loops on this weekend.

Yes, my sofa is ugly. It was free.

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miss kendra said...

when i read your blog i can hear you in my head.