Thursday, August 24, 2006

Downsizing--it's not just for big corporations anymore

Well, doesn't this just suck. I'm not so much worried for Pluto. I mean, sure dwarves get a bad rap sometimes, but at least they didn't call it a (gasp) satellite. And it does kind of ruin one of my favorite Schoolhouse Rock songs, but I can live with that.

No, I'm concerned for the future when I hear school children react thusly:

Quinn Huebner, 15, was visiting the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum on Thursday when he and his family from Mazomanie, Wisconsin, learned international astronomers had decided Pluto was no longer a planet.
His sister Grace, 11, voiced relief. Had Pluto remained a planet, at least three similar objects could have been upgraded and "that would mean there would be more planets to memorize," she said.

Come on, now. Was nine planets that difficult to remember? Really?


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Unequivocally, YES. Nine planets were too much for me to remember. REALLY. Also, 50 states (and their CAPITOLS?!?!?!)

Molly Morrison said...

9 planets would be one thing. 12 planets would be that bad, either. But what if they keep discovering more objects that fit the profile? Do we keep making kids memorize more and more planets?

I feel mildly bad for Pluto (and also for all the kids who had trouble memorizing 9 and now know they learned too many), but not SO bad.

Annika said...

I'm just worried about "My Very Educated Mother" and what she's going to show me now.