Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm so far out of shape I'm practically a straight line

Could they possibly make jury duty more difficult? Here is a map of the court area. You'll notice at the corner of 1st and Grand is Walt Disney Hall. This is where the jurors park. At the corner of Temple and Broadway is the Criminal Justice building (it's in there among those red spots), where I am serving jury duty. Now, on a map it doesn't look like much--two blocks one way, one block another. But what you can't see, and those familiar with downtown can back me up here...IT'S UP HILL BOTH WAYS. From Disney Hall, you walk down 1st to Broadway, an incline of, oh, about 90 degrees (probably more like 45 to 55, but it files like 90), then up Broadway, a less steep incline, but an incline no less. After jury duty, you now have to walk UP that hill on 1st Street. I'm fat. I have asthma. I just about collapsed on the street the first day I did this. [to add insult to asthma attack, on Thursday they made us park in an outside structure with no elevator, so on top of the Matterhorn climb, I then had to climb four flights of stairs]
I have tried walking across the Court of Flags and the Mall at the civil courts building to Grand Avenue and down. There are stairs, people, but at least there is also shade. Today I tried walking up Temple, where the incline is less steep, and then down Grand. I still had to rest at the top of the hill to catch my breath before continuing. Excuse me, Your Honor, can I get a shuttle so I don't have to show up to court sweating like a whore in church?

On the plus side, I am in desperate need of the exercise, and I do love downtown on a sunny day.


Sachi said...

I feel your pain. Really. I know that whole out-of-shape thing. And with the temps above 80, it doesn't make it easier.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Just another reason why I think anyone would be INSANE to work downtown. Or to believe that this whole "revitalization" effort is going to work.

I sawwy. I too feel your pain.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I just caught up on some blog reading. THEY WON'T LET YOU BRING KNITTING IN THE COURTHOUSE?!?!? FRICK THAT NOISE!!!! I would *so* be a poor juror if that were the case. Mebbe I'll not try so hard to get on jury duty.

You have to go to work when you're on JD?!?! FRICK THAT NOISE, TOO!!!

Ellen Bloom said...

No knitting while on jury duty, but when I was there last year, I brought a plastic crochet hook, acrylic yarn and made some baby hats for donation. I promised not to stab the judge or any other court officials with my dull, plastic crochet hook! Reading is difficult, 'cause the jury room is soooo noisy.

I hear ya' on climbin' those hills. Ugh!