Thursday, August 10, 2006

You're all wrong

I'm still in the jury pool, as we adjourned in the middle of jury selection, so I can't discuss the details. I will tell you this, though, Juror #9 is going to get a boot to the head before this trial is through. Oh, man, that is one annoying broad. She's about 4'9", with a dyed red 'fro. She's making comments about the others under her breath, but in my direction like I'm her co-conspirator, and she--get this--snapped her fingers at the Bailiff and asked him to get her some water like he was our freakin' busboy. I first ran into her in the bathroom and I quickly eluded her chattiness. But like a cheap perfume she lingered nearby until--DANG--she's the juror right next to me!!! Maybe tomorrow during the voir dire she'll be excused. Or I will. Either scenario would be delightful.

The trial, if I'm a final juror, should be over by next Thursday, at which time I will regale you all with stories of true crime and freaks of LA.

Oh, one more thing: I was finishing up my lunch in the cafeteria when a woman came over to my table and gave me the ol' eyebrow lift as she nodded at the empty seat at my table, which was not exactly a large table. I'm not rude (to people's faces, anyway) so I said, "sure. I was just leaving anyway." The woman gave me sad face, like "awww...I was looking forward to telling you everything you ever wanted to know about my gout." As I got up to leave I noticed that there were about 50 empty tables. Why me?


Roy said...

Maybe she thought you were going to the Zoo.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Roy. You're an odd bird. Maybe LA will regale us with tales about you.

LAURIE ANN!!! We missed you last nite. It was a small group, but *very* interesting conversations!!

Do you get to knit in the jury room? I'm *dying* to get jury duty (haven't had it in YEARS) b/c I want to be paid to knit.

miss kendra said...

i think the moon was a good guess.

you should tell the baliff that juror #9 buys her perfume from the defendant.

Anonymous said...

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