Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So close, and yet...

I didn't bring lunch today. I got my student loan monies yesterday and I'm all mad with the possibilities of a real lunch, with possibly some kind of meat product. But then a wild thought occurred to me--I'll just pop over to the library to see if they have that sock knitting book that Uccellina has, or one that may just get me over the hump. Of course, popping over to the library requires riding the rails (I like to pretend I'm a hobo) and careful planning. Me? Plan?? I scoff at planners. No, I prefer to throw caution (and the fear of not making it back in time) to the wind and just go.

I boarded the train at Civic Center, got off one stop later at Pershing Square, hiked up 5th Street, which, after three days of climbing up Mt. McKinley to Disney Hall, hardly seemed like a hike at all, and zipped up to the Arts & Recreation department. It was 12:30. I had to be back to the courtroom by 1:30. I scanned quickly, grabbed one book on hats, another on accessories, and a third on socks, and--whoosh--I was down the escalator and checking out (by myself, 'cause I can do that) and back out on the streets by 12:55. Phew! Walked across Grand on the solid red hand (which just made me think of Nick Cave) and power walked back to the train. I zipped back to Civic Center, paid it forward by giving my day pass to a lady having a hard time with the ticket machine, and strolled across the Court of Flags, making it to the courthouse at 1:15. Am I good or what? I even had time to grab a quick sandwich from the snack bar (chicken salad, yo) and a bottle of water from the vending machine. That was one productive lunch break.

However, my euphoria (endorphin rush) was short-lived, as we were delayed (again) and recessed early because...well, I can't get into it, but I was at school by 3:00. I am a practicing fool. [not now--now I'm a blogging fool, or just a fool]

(I'm very parenthetical today)

Oh, and the sweet court reporter gave us all some miniature chocolates to munch while we waited through a particularly long sidebar. She's so cute.


Uccellina said...

But have any witnesses cried yet? You know that's what we want to hear.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Dude. A sweet court reporter?! Next thing you're gonna tell me is the baliff is friendly and the judge isn't a perv.

Ucc makes people cry.

Laurie Ann said...

The baliff IS friendly, and I have no idea whether the judge is a perv or not, but he can sex me up if he wants to. He's a handsome old guy.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

christo. you're not at LASC, you're on the set for Night Court!!!