Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday and The Working Girl

Run and tell your Cous-in that we gonna get our Fash on
Is anyone else annoyed by this Old Navy commercial? I actually ran from the room last night when it came on. Although, how great is the Carls, Jr commercial with the Canters waitress. Did they nail the whole typical Canters waitress look or what?

The boss decided to "work from home" again today, so I've been busy as usual. I decided to look at Hallmark e-cards, you know, to send to people I care about. I just had to share the Hoops & Yoyo homepage with you. Hoops is the pink cat (?) and Yoyo is the green thing (bunny? I'm not sure). Enjoy, and be sure to click on the bear button.

Okay--Rock Star Supernova alert. Zayra: Would it kill her to cover her nether regions? Let's just say I'm surprised we couldn't see the Brazilian. As for her performance, well, I'm at a loss for words, much like the Supernova boys were last night. Jill (the one who claimed she didn't know of Courtney Love): gave a great performance last week, only to louse it up with her lackluster performance this week. Lukas: If they were casting a new, new, Monkees, he'd be a shoe-in for the Davy Jones character. Not that he's cute like Davy was, but he's about 4'11". He needs to wash his face, too. He just looks mutant. Ryan: Joe Escalante on Indie 103 thinks he's the winner, but last night he did a rock-star-in-touch-with-his-sensitive-side performance at the Baby Grand that was totally Better Than Ezra-esque (He sang REM). Tommy Lee was impressed, but that's not saying much. Storm Large: She picked a hair color, so why couldn't she pick an octave. At least she didn't look cross-eyed last night. The guys loved it, but they must have been in the bathroom or something. Dilana: She's kooky and I like her. Gilby liked her too.
By and large, though, the best performance of the night was Dana, the youngest contestant. She did Baba O'Reilly and it was terrific. My prediction is that Toby will be getting the boot this week.

I have had to pee for more than hour now and every time I attempt to go, someone either calls me or the bathroom is in use. Now, I have to pee so bad I'm going to have to do the Holdin' It Dance across the sales floor. It won't be pretty.


Sachi said...

I hate that commercial too. But what I REALLY hate are the Bridgestone commercials. WTF?

Oh... I am Small Bladder Woman so I'm always doing the "Holdin' It" dance.

Sachi said...

Oh... to share. M says that Canters is where all the old waitresses go to die. Like an elephant graveyard.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I can't picture the commercial. I consider myself lucky. However, I can totally picture you doin' the pee-pee dance across the floor. Maybe not so lucky?

Tina said...

Gary and I get a good laugh at the ghetto Old Navy commercial.