Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oh, how the mind wanders

KCal 9 and KCBS 2 won some sort of Emmy award last night, probably for Laura Diaz's yellow suit or Johnny Mountains infectious laugh, or the way Linda Alvarez only has an accent when she says her name. Anywho, Laura kept saying "The duopoly blahblahblah...," meaning, of course, that the two stations are sister stations. I kept thinking of a board game,Doo Wop-oly, in which you land on famous Doo Wop groups like The Platters, or The Capris. I wonder who would be the equivalent of Park Place?

How about that Magic Bullet commercial? Would you welcome a neighbor into your home who can't be bothered to change from her robe or to put her cigarette out? Not only does the old hag have a cigarette IN THE KITCHEN but she's got an ash on there five inches long.

Why am I at work on a Sunday? I should leave. I still have about three things that I should do before I leave. It's late. I should leave. I'm going to leave. But, maybe I should just, I'm leaving. That's final.

Have you seen the talking dog and talking cat videos? I find them very disturbing. This one time (at band camp), my cat, James, let out this peculiar meow that sounded like he said, "Mommy," and I freaked out. I mean, I wouldn't get near him all night. Cats are witch familiars, you know. So what if he was a gay orange tiger. It was creepy!!
So when I see those videos of "talking" dogs, I think of this book, The Dogs of Babel, which is so good and so sad. I won't ruin it, but talking dogs plays an important part to the book. I highly recommend this book, but I warn you, there is a very disturbing part that will make you put the book down and walk away. Come back. Read the rest. It's worth it. Just don't say I didn't warn you, because no one warned me and, well, I'm just saying.

I'm hungry. My coffee is cold. I should leave. Yeah. I'm leaving.

Okay, I'll be back...maybe Monday if I get to school early. Maybe not until the end of the week.