Friday, August 04, 2006

Knitting through the pain

I was working on a hat with Wool-Ease Thick N Quick last night and it was more like Thick N Difficult. To be fair, a longer cable on the circular needles would have eased my pain. At any rate, it was nearly done when I left SnB last night so I had to run home and finish it up. Because I went a little crazy and didn't pay attention, I had to do a rapid decrease, so the top is swirly and a little flat, but I like it.

Also, the Mad Spinner snuck a little something something in my bag when I was distracted by Mrs. Jack Sparrow's boobs and I was giddy like a school girl when I found it. I couldn't wait to wind it into a ball. I had to swatch it right away. It's SOOOOO beautiful. I know what I want to make with it ( but I won't tell 'cause I want it to be a surprise) and I almost called in sick today to stay home and knit. Is that wrong?

And I haven't even hit the dark purple yet. See how well the different shades complement each other.

My legs hurt...that's the pain I'm knitting through. They hurt because I had to run up and down Sunset Boulevard yesterday trying to get my boss on a conference call and my black velvet Converse high-tops, while beautiful, are no made for sprinting to and fro. Plus, I'm old and overweight.


Sachi said...

You're welcome. *grin*

miss kendra said...


your legs hurt because you live a secret life as a ballroom dance instructor/spy.

Sachi said...

Oh, shit. Kendra's on a roll today!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I likee the swirly top.

Sorry about the pain; too bad you are such a slave to fashion.