Saturday, May 24, 2008

Best intentions get you a night on the sofa

I fully intended to post last night when I got home. I had a great post title, too. You see, I had a hectic day yesterday. I was given an "OMG, This is so urgent" project at 10am which was very much an all day thing and included things such as turning documents into PDFs and whatnot. Oh, and it all had to be in the mail by the final pick up (4pm). One more thing, some of the information was coming from an outside source, so I was waiting on that too. In the midst of this super urgent project, I was given an "OMFG, This is even more super urgent" project--at 12:40--which had to be received via email by the intended recipient NO LATER THAN 1:00pm!! This one involved scanning many documents and finding photos and attaching them in an email, then having to go back and make that many emails because the first one was too large to send or receive. In 20 minutes!! I made it, of course, because I'm nothing if not awesome.

So, yesterday was filled with me running back and forth to the printer, running down the hall to the gal who has a scanner and commandeering her computer, running to the front desk to say I'll be late, running back to my office--oh yeah, that's a lot of running in the halls. Fortunately, it was casual Friday and I was in my comfortable garb (jeans, t-shirt, Chucks), so running wasn't a problem. Lunch? HA! Lunch is for sissies. It also featured a whole lot of "Laur, could you..." "Ask me after 4:00!!!"

I got home and needed an adult beverage but wasn't in the mood for a mixed cocktail or wine. Unfortunately, the only beer I had in my fridge was leftover from The Roy's visit last July. It tasted like shit but did it's job of dulling my overactive brain and allowed me to chill on the sofa with the iPod. It started at Mudhouse (Bob Schneider) and I didn't make it past Mumbo Jumbo (Squeeze), which was the second song. I remember vaguely thinking I had the pod on shuffle and realizing it was playing alphabetically, but then nothing. Until 10am--today. At some point I had turned off the music and put the pod on the coffee table. I woke up because the mail arrived and the carrier was making much noise trying to stuff it all in my box (dirty) which is all the way downstairs. It was all ads but hey! I got a package waiting for me at the ol' post office!! Sweet!

Now I'm cold. It feels like a chicken soup kind of day.

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Anne-Marie said...

Fun! I had 2 emergencies on Thursday. First was a resident saying they had had a water leak the night before and urgently needed someone to check stuff out AT 3:15pm! And the other at 5 to 5 as usual saying both toilets were blocked and needed dealing with before close at 5. Yay me!

So anyhoo, I tagged you for a meme - info on my blog if you have a minute....