Monday, May 19, 2008

Doing my part

The Gub'ment gave me money and, being a solid American, I went forth to boost the economy.
I didn't spend it all on what I REALLY wanted because for $200 less I could get what I want and still be responsible and pay some bills like my ginormous student loan payment that just came due.
So, instead of getting an iPhone so I could combine my technology and have step-by-step directions to anywhere, I got this:It has 8GB and is tiny and pink and cute, unlike that iPhone which is not wee and not pink, and therefore not cute.

Then I spent the better part of my Sunday uploading all my favorite CDs and I still have like 5.5GB left. Woo Hoo!


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

you got yer $$?!?! I dinnint get no stinkin $$$!!! I suck - both my SSN and my Last Name make me perenially LAST IN LINE. No wonder I hated school so much.

Not that I'd spend the $$ on much, anyway. Just gas, I guess.

woolanthropy said...

I haven't gotten no cash either. WTF. But I am glad you are a solid citizen and boosted the economy. I think we are in line for a Wii Fit when the check comes. Yes I am a consumer. You would think the government might have sent the checks out before they raised the price of postage. Does the government pay postage? I'm out of here. I feel a rant coming on.