Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feeling Wednesday, Looking Pugsley

I could look cuter today. I wasn't feeling the love of hair products this morning so the mop is being held at bay by a thin hairband. The makeup, what little I wear, is adequate--only two coats of mascara so the eyelashes are not all they could be. Despite this, I'm feeling fine. Cute offsite employee (who is seriously young--I feel dirty just glancing at him) is here today for a meeting. mmmm...

Oh, but where was I? Oh, yeah. I am Procrastination Jones today. I have a lot of filing to do, which I promised would be done before tomorrow, and I haven't even started it. My horoscope was on target this morning with its "Everything that happens seems to be another enticing distraction that prevents you from meeting your obligations" and "demonstrate your ability to come through for someone who matters or there could be trouble later on". Darn you, Astrologer du jour. How you make me feel guilty for surfing yarn sites and blogs a-plenty. A girl has needs--needs that involve finding reasonably priced bamboo yarn for a project.

The bright spot in my day has been Tater, Sarah-Jane's puppy, who followed her to work (okay, she picked him up and brought him to work). He's the cutest little fluffball in existence. See for yourself.

Good thing I'm wearing brown today, since I am now covered in dog hair. How could I resist?

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

TATER!!!! How cute is that name?! How cute is that dog?! How cute IS that off-site co-worker, you cougar?! :)