Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For the Twitterless--a continually updated Wednesday Post

You'll hate me by the end of the day, but here we go.
7:00am--woke up late. Had "Godspell" on the brain thanks to somebody's husband who titled a post "Turn Back, O Man," so I had to listen to the soundtrack to get it out of my head. Also had to wash my hair today and, because Board members will be here this afternoon, I had to style it.
8:29am--Left the house. Did it rain last night/this morning? The ground seems wet but Jamie is bone dry and dirty as ever. I'll park in the open today at work in case we get more drizzle. I'm clearly too lazy to actually wash my car.
8:50am--OMG, what is that sound? It's a scraping but my brakes are fairly new. What did they do to you at the impound lot, Jamie?
9:05am--On my hands and knees in the parking garage is not the way I want to be when perverted co-work drives up. There is a piece of plastic, which I believe is supposed to protect my under carriage, hanging down and scraping when I drive. Yippee!
9:30am--"Laurie, we have a giant event today and we forgot to get stuff. Can we get some promo stuff from you? Now?"
9:40am--"Laurie, can I get into your storage room for the electronics equipment?"
9:41am--"Laurie, we have all these meetings scheduled for days the boss isn't here. Are you aware of that? What were you thinking?"
9:45am-- "Yes, I know the meetings need to be changed. We (the boss and I) are working on it. Yes, I'm aware. It's my freakin' job!!! Yes, I'll get you the damn promo items but you will know I am not happy and you will think twice before doing this again. And you, when I say 'in a minute' I mean give me time to finish my current project before traipsing over there to serve you. It does not mean you should stand in my office trying to be cute and flirty (and married). Get out! I will call you when I'm ready."
9:50am--Went to ladies room to calm down before I killed someone. I need coffee and possibly breakfast.
10:30am--OMG, I forgot to send flowers to this lady last week!! Crap!! Maybe I can send them today and no one will notice.
10:45am--Bank of America, You Suck! Thanks for ripping out BOTH ATMs today. Thanks for your $2 fee for actually coming into the bank to conduct transactions. Thank you, Branch Manager, for not being able to waive that $2 fee even though I have no choice but to go inside for cash because you ripped out both ATMs. Dicks!
11:00am--Jeepers, Lady, would you call me back so I can confirm this meeting for Friday?
11:10am--Succumbed to the sirens' call of the donuts in the Finance Department. Damn you, cream filled confections.
12:40pm--Holy Moley! I totally forgot about my monthly report meeting with the boss which was scheduled from 12-12:30 today. Oops. I'll have to reschedule. That's what happens when you actual do work.
1:00pm--Finally, peace.
2:00pm--This the meeting on? Is it off? Oh, It's on. I still have to go to Ralphs? Crap.
3:15pm--Back from Ralphs. Very Hungry. Will bitch slap the next person who looks at me cross-eyed. That means you, snotty co-worker who just told me "it's not my job to book meeting rooms" when asked where the meeting that SHE is attending is supposed to be held.
3:30pm--Eating my lunch. Yes, my lunch. A wrap and salad I bought at Ralphs while I was getting stuff for the meeting. Kind of shaky. Hope the feeling passes while everyone still has limbs.
4:30pm--Belly is full. Mood enhanced via chocolate covered orange slices (from Edible Arrangement) which are not as gross as they sound.
4:41pm--Here's hoping the meeting goes long. I'd like to skip out right at 5:00.
4:57pm--Almost there. Talked about new phones with the boys. Should I get a Crackberry or the iPhone? Discuss.
5:04pm--The day is done and I am not wanted for murder. Peace Out!!!


Annika said...

I'm on the edge of my seat! Did you kill anyone yet?

woolanthropy said...

yeah, did ya?

Ellen Bloom said...

From a career secretary: Me thinks you need some sort of calendar or organizer where you keep all "things to be done" and then you actually look at it.

Just sayin' is all. Hide the knives.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh, Ellen. Like maybe a COM PU TER ?!?!?! Nah.

"Did it rain last night/this morning" - I thought the same thing. But then I thought maybe the lawn crew just hosed my car enough to make it obviously filthy. We don't get nice mexican yard guys in our hood. We get mean dudes straight outta cellblock 8 who get pissed as hell when they have to take a break from their leaf blowing so I can back out the driveway. Hence, I am *always* late on Wednesdays!

Laurie Ann said...

No one is dead yet.

I do have a wonderful "to do" system. It includes a master list and a daily task list. The flowers mistake was because I was only told "send flowers to this person" not what malady or congratulatory event the flowers were acknowledging. and my meeting today was missed because I lost track of time while trying to track down board members. Oh well.