Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sleep All Day

Is it wrong that all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep? I didn't, mind you, but it was quite an effort to actually rise, let alone shine. I attended a choral concert yesterday in San Gabriel. There's nothing more adorable than little kids singing no matter how off key. I fell in love with a little boy whose group was singing "Mr. Sandman" who had perfect jazz hands and the little guy from the "Under The Sea" group who gave the audience finger guns and a wink before they started. It was all too adorable and funny. Shout out to Jason who sat behind me. How do I know the boy's name? Because throughout the performances I heard "Jason, shhh." "Jason, not now." "Jason, stop that." "Jason, quit bugging her." "Jason, do you want to go outside?" Um, hells yeah, he does.

Today, I had no obligations save a call to my mom at some point in the day. I called her at 8:30pm Eastern, which (do the math) was 5:30pm here in the 'wood. Yep, I slept all day...well, until 4:30ish. And it felt good. So there.


woolanthropy said...

Zzzzzzounds delicious and decadent!

Sshhhh, don't tell but I must confess last week one day I spent at least 24 hours in my pajamas with a few prime hours playing Wii. I found a new galaxy!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

It is mandatory I spend one day each weekend in the pjs, preferably napping all day. Everyone knows this, I don't apologize for it. Dude, you work like a dog all week, and you go out to San Gabriel (where the HECK is that?!) to show support for someone else's kid (unless you have kids we don't know about?)!!! I think you totally deserve to spend the day in bed.