Sunday, May 25, 2008

Illin' with my gnomies

I'm sick. I woke up with it yesterday--a sinusy feeling with scratchy throat. I chalked it up to sleeping on the sofa exposed to the night air. It got worse as the day progress and I did nothing but sleep all day yesterday. Yes, after I got the mail, I went to bed and slept, and woke up long enough to read a chapter in the book I've been trying to read for a month now, then sleep again. I woke up this morning and my face was swollen with sinus pressure. I think I actually shrieked at the reflection in the mirror. It's not me. My face hurts like I was punched hard. My throat hurts, too. I can feel every swallow acutely. Yet, I'm craving chips and guacamole from Baja Fresh. Go figure.

As I sit here, reading blogs and writing my own, there are strange noises coming from above*. Sounds I've never heard before; creaking floor boards and such. The gnomes are restless. Maybe they'll make me soup and tea if I let them watch television. Just keep the volume down, guys. I'm trying to sleep in here.

Why do I only get sick on the weekends when I already have the day off?

*Those unfamiliar with my apartment should note that I am the top most apartment and therefore do not have an above, although I believe there is a mystery attic to which none of us have access where gnomes live--and hack into my electric supply and possibly steal my liquor.

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Anne-Marie said...

Public holidays are always crappy. We have had 2 powercuts today (3 this weekend) and its pissing it down so hard :(

I hope you feel better soon