Friday, May 02, 2008

Lessons for the Day

1. When you let shit pile up, chances are it will all come crashing down on your head at the least opportune moment.

2. When you walk outside and notice your car is NOT where you left it the night before, there is no way to look casual and you WILL be laughed at by the guy across the street when you say, "Where the f*** is my car?"

3. The LAPD is hiring some really attractive officers lately and if you smile sweetly and look sadly apologetic, you're likely to get better service and sympathy from the hottie in blue.

4. Marry the owner of a tow service. They are making money hand over fist in impound fees and will be able to support me in a manner to which I hope to become accustomed.

A full explanation of my unnecessarily ridiculous Friday will be forthcoming. For now, I have to take care of my shit.


dizzy! said...

oh noes! the car! more problems! jeez louise woman. i gots to get back to SNB and straighten you out!

Ellen Bloom said...

Oh No! Was your car towed? Yikes!

Anne-Marie said...


Am I the only one thinking damn, I wish someone had just stolen the car then you could get a new one that works.

Kinda like when my old car was broken into. I wish they had just taken it and set it on fire or something so I could have got something better, instead of the same pile of broken crap for another 3 years :s

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

LAPD is looking hotter than ever, as is LAFD. Which is scary, b/c most of these boys are about half my age.

I'm already afraid to watch Prince Caspian for fear of a "To Catch a Predator - Cougar Edition" type sting.