Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My hair looked awesome

My sinuses are still killing me. I woke up with the worst--WORST--headache ever. It hurt to look at things. I popped some sinus medication and crawled back into bed for 30 minutes. When I finally got up I decided that if I had to go out feeling like crap there was no need to look like crap. I actually spent time on my hair and I have to say, it looked awesome. I should have taken a photo earlier in the day when it was still curly because by the end of the day, the curls had turned to run of the mill waves. I include this photo, taken in the Ladies Room of Horrors, not because I look good (Hey Roy, Crazy Eye!), but because damn, my hair is seriously shiny. That's Biosilk, my friends. It smells great, too.Trust me, it looked much better when I left the house. This was taken at 6:00 after I'd been running around all day (and playing with it and flipping it coquettishly when cute boy came in). Also, my face? Do yourself a favor and DON'T look at this up close. Ugh--no lipstick (sorry, Ellen) and flaky mascara.

For the curious, here's a bean update: I had to move it from the window the week before last because the sun was too intense and was burning the leaves. Plus, we had no A/C for a few days and I really needed to lower the blinds. I moved Jack to the bookcase and he seems happy among my toys.


Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, your hair does look shiny and nice! lipstick. At least you realize that you could have used a touch for the photo. I'll forgive you this once!

MamaMouse in MN said...

Ya know how you have a visual image of someone, and then you meet them or see a picture of them and they don't look at all like your visual image??? Well, you look just like I'd imagined (which probably was greatly influenced by your farmer's daughter graphic, but that's beside the point) but with waaaay shinier hair! However, a flower tucked coyly behind your ear might've completed the look! :) p.s. I'm gonna get me some of that Biosilk! And, I think I used too many exclamation points!!!