Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nature's Carwash

Alternate title: I saw Indiana Jones last night and I'm so tired now.

My car is dirty--so dirty I may get pulled over for having tinted windows. So, when the rain began to pour today, I thought "aha, I'll pull my car over to the open part of the parking deck and let the rain rinse off much of the dirt." However, because it's Mess With Laurie Ann Day, as soon as Jamie was out from under the sheltered portion of the parking deck, the rain, which had been practically torrential, suddenly died down to a light shower. Heck, it was barely a drizzle. And by the time I rode the elevator down four floors to the lobby, the sun was shining. Rats!

As stated, I was one of those people who went to the movies at Midnight to be the first to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I won't give anything away. I did enjoy it and was appropriately nerdy at all the right parts. There were a million trailers (okay, probably more like 6-8), including one for Hellboy II which looked awesome. The one that was kind of, well, ew factor, was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button . I never read the F. Scott Fitzgerald story on which this is based, but basically it's about a man who was born as an old man and gets younger. All along the way, he keeps running into his true love* at various ages, she getting older while he's getting younger. At one perfect moment, they are the same age (or thereabouts, as seen in the trailer). This is all well and good until he's a child and she's an old lady and they're walking hand-in-hand and she kisses him. Yes, on the surface, nothing creepy. Then I thought about it--they are in love. That's not just a child, it's her lover, or at least he was when he was an appropriate age. Yep, creepy and then some. Oh, and Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button for at least part of the film. Now, I know Brad's over 40, but he could pass for 36 easily. Why then is there a separate actor playing Benjamin at 36. Curious, indeed.

*I just read the short story and that is not part of it. Yes, at work. That's how I roll.


sappmama said...

Your aunt Freda did not lose her fingers in a household accident and keep on crocheting!

You are making that up.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I finally saw IronMan. Helluva movie. IJ#2000 aint gonna happen. But for hella-funny nerdy stuff, Big Bang Theory. Oh, my GAWD, those boys just keep me in stitches!! The Jman laughs along with me, but I know he only gets about 2.5% of the humor.