Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can I just call this week a wash?

I had a major envelope stuffing project to do today. I was late for work because I missed the first bus, and then had to wade through a plethora of emails before getting to the project. Before I knew it, it was time to cover the front desk for an hour. Okay, fine. I stuff envelopes at 2pm. But wait, there's a CPR training in the conference room at 2:00. I'll use the smaller conference room. But wait, there's a literacy training in that room at 3:00. Son of a ....where am I supposed to stuff these damned envelopes????!?!

I ended up in Amber's office, just the two of us, stuffing and chatting. Then two more ladies joined us. Consequently, they're not done. Neither are the notes I had to type, the calls I had to make, the, oh, everything that needed to be done today. I would like to just call this week over and try again. Who can make that happen for me?

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Anne-Marie said...

I finally got some filing done that I have been trying to start all week. The regular girl is on holiday so after working out where everything goes, I spent 2 hours putting everything back into proper alphabetical order :p Productive!