Monday, December 21, 2009

This so does not feel like Christmas week

The title has nothing to do with the post. Just stating a fact.
The day started off just fine. I showed everyone my hot rod nails, got a good cup of Joe, typed up the notes I was working on and moved on to the next project. Then, Perfume Sally sauntered into my office wearing some kind of Eau de Bridge Club scent that had serious hang time. It grabbed hold of my lungs and sinuses leaving me with a killer headache and a bit of wheezy action.

At lunch, I was working on my sister's birthday present and I noticed a mistake. I unknit back three rows and couldn't see a problem. "It must have been loose tension," I thought. So, I re-knit those three rows and continued on until I came to the cable row. I looked and there's that mistake again. Upon closer inspection, there really is a hole there from a dropped stitch or something. If I had unknit four rows, I would have fixed it. I'm hoping I can just pull it up when I get to that stitch and not have to undo 10 rows.

The afternoon was filled with frantic work mode, a persistent boss and not enough hours or days to get all my stuff done, but at least someone gave me Tylenol so the headache was gone. Do I have to take Christmas Eve off? I could really use the work day.


Annika said...

If you really are forced to take the day off, come over and keep me company! Will is working the full day (boo) so it'll just be me, Sam, and the cookies.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

You could come work for me. I have to be here for half a day. Really. I have to get up and shower for THAT?!