Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Transit TV is condescending

For those who haven't ridden a LA Metro bus in a while, they have TVs now. The TVs play a loop of news pieces, trivia questions, video shorts, advertisements, and so on. The ads are mostly debt solution companies. They've had TVs for some time now, like before I had a car. But I remember the content being better quality in my pre-Jamie days. They had horoscopes and movie reviews and news, mostly. It's the trivia that really gets my goat. Sample questions:
"Who painted the Mona Lisa?" "Who wrote Hamlet?" "What famous detective smokes a pipe and plays the violin?"
For reals? You can't toss a challenge my way? And yet--there's a segment in which you have to text your answer to win movie tickets and that question is ridiculously hard. For the past two days it's been some science question, like "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
Yesterday's was something about electromagnets. On second thought, they may be easy questions and I just may be scientifically challenged.

*this totally counts for Tuesdays because I wrote it yesterday and forgot to hit "publish post."

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